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Buxted Park Hotel Wedding: A Timeless Love Story in Sussex

Updated: Mar 12

Sussex Wedding Photographer
Sussex Wedding Photographer

A September setting can be really special, and the gorgeous wedding of Adela and Chris really proves that the September magic is real. This spectacular day had everything from a beautiful couple, to a magnificent church and finally a stunning Buxted Park reception at Sussex. What an honour it was to be able to photograph it for them to remember forever. Nestled in the rolling hills and picturesque landscapes of Sussex, my camera and I have collected a treasure trove of memories as a Sussex Wedding Photographer. Each frame is a testament to love stories set against the backdrop of this enchanting region, from the sun-dappled vineyards to the historic estates that dot the countryside. My passion is to capture the unique essence of every couple's special day, preserving the fleeting moments of joy and intimacy amidst the timeless beauty of Sussex. My passion for wedding photography knows no bounds, taking me across the entire UK, but there's a unique charm that resonates with me as a Sussex wedding photographer. The diversity of scenery within Sussex, from the serene beaches of the coast to the grandeur of the South Downs, provides an exquisite canvas for creating breathtakingly beautiful wedding photos. My aim is to harness the natural elegance and enchanting atmosphere of Sussex, crafting images that not only capture the essence of each couple's bond but also echo the splendor of the location that surrounds them. With every click, I strive to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, ensuring that your Sussex wedding is immortalized in a way that is as amazing and unique as your own love story.

It was a delight to be invited to photograph this gorgeous bride as she got ready for the big day. There was excitement in the air in the beautiful hotel and she looked absolutely stunning in her dress. With everyone ready, it was time to head to the Church.

The stained glass windows and gorgeous florals in the Church made for some beautiful shots of the happy couple as they said their ‘I Do’s’ in the presence of their nearest and dearest. A traditional Church wedding can be a great opportunity for amazing photos. The detail, light, and architecture are designed to frame the happy couple at the front – and this gorgeous Buxted church did just that!

Leaving the Church to a shower of confetti, it was time to head to Buxted Park for some more photos of this happy couple, this time on the stunning grounds of this beautiful building.

The wonderful East Sussex hall near the village of Buxted provided plenty of opportunities to take snaps of the beautiful couple with family, friends and the wedding party. The gorgeous water feature made for a great backdrop to really make the most of the weather and dazzling couple.

These photos of guests, families, and, of course, the newly married couple, are a wonderful memory to have of the day. They can be fun and exciting and show off everybody’s joy. This makes them a real treat to look back on in the future.

A Reception To Remember

There were lots of really incredible moments throughout the day that I was able to capture but one of my favourite parts was when Adele’s sister played the piano. It made for a really special and incredibly memorable photo that I’m sure will be fondly remembered.

These unique and personal touches can be amazing additions to an already special day. Being able to capture them is a really great reason to hire a photographer to shoot your wedding. No two weddings are the same so remembering those unique moments is the icing on top of an already memorable day together.

As the evening rolled around, we took advantage of the lighting and headed out for some evening pictures of Adela and Chris. The lighting really showed how much the two of them were glowing and it was a great nod to a perfect day.

We also managed to get some shots using coloured smoke. These photos are a lot of fun and make brilliant statement photos that really show off the personalities of the happy couple.

The first dance song began to play and it was time for party mode. It was incredible to see so much happiness and love on such a gorgeous day.