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Kate Izak Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Services



Absolutely! We understand the significance of trust and confidence. Our comprehensive insurance is meticulously maintained to provide you with the assurance and peace of mind you deserve. It's a safeguard, ensuring a worry-free experience during your cherished moments.


Booking and Preparations

Securing our services for your wedding day involves a simple yet comprehensive process. We start by arranging a personal meeting or a Zoom call, providing the perfect setting for understanding your vision. To confirm your wedding date, a non-refundable deposit and a signed contract are essential. This process ensures personalized and tailored service for your special day.

Preparation for the Wedding Day A pre-wedding consultation is pivotal to understanding your preferences, discussing the day's schedule, identifying specific shots, and, when possible, conducting venue visits.


What Packages are Offered
Duration and Packages

Our packages are tailored to suit a variety of needs and preferences. From intimate 4-hour sessions to comprehensive multi-day packages ideal for destination or Asian weddings, our aim is to perfectly match your desires and requirements for your special day. ? Kate Izak Photography provides an array of packages to suit varying needs and budgets. Options range from basic coverage to full-day coverage and destination wedding packages, each inclusive of specific coverage hours and edited images.

Extending Hours on the Wedding Day Additional hours can be included in your package for a nominal fee.



Backed by over eight years of freelance photography experience and a deep-rooted passion for the art, we assure you of a seasoned and artful approach to capturing your wedding. Our commitment stems from our devotion to preserving every significant moment of your day.


Prints and Albums Offered?

Preserving memories in exquisite detail is our pledge. To honor this, we offer bespoke, high-quality albums and a range of print options. During a Zoom presentation or an in-person meeting, our collection of sample albums awaits your perusal, assisting you in selecting the perfect presentation for your most cherished moments. Can we order extra prints or albums later? Yes, you can order additional prints or albums at any time after the wedding. Whether you want to gift prints to family members or decide you want an album a year after your wedding, 


Equipment and Backup Plans:

Top-of-the-line Canon mirrorless cameras form the backbone of our equipment. To ensure nothing is missed, we always have backup equipment on hand. This range of gear includes multiple cameras, lenses, and lighting to guarantee a meticulous outcome for your day. 

Equipment Failure Backup Plan Multiple cameras, lenses, and a comprehensive backup plan ensure continuous coverage in case of any equipment failure.


Style and Approach:

Elegance, romance, and a relaxed ambiance define our photography style. We pride ourselves on capturing genuine emotions and weaving them into a captivating visual narrative. Our approach is subtle, allowing you and your guests to relish every moment of your special day without intrusion. 

Approach to Wedding Day Photography The focus is on capturing your unique love story with a documentary style. This approach ensures the natural unfolding of the day, embracing candid moments, emotions, details, and key highlights, allowing you to savor the day.


Photography Style and Guidance

Photography Style Defined Our style is elegantly described as romantic and relaxed, aiming to capture authentic moments filled with emotion.

Guidance on Posing We provide guidance on posing to enhance photo aesthetics while focusing on capturing natural, candid moments.

Guest Photography during Events While we appreciate guests' enthusiasm, refraining from photography during key moments is encouraged to ensure everyone enjoys the event fully.


Handling Challenging Lighting Scenarios

With experience in various lighting conditions, our service is well-prepared to capture stunning photos in any lighting situation. If for instance is too dark for natural look of photography we suggest to use external flash equipment etc...


Where is Kate Izak Photography based?

Nestled in the picturesque city of Winchester, Hampshire, UK, Kate Izak Photography finds its home. This location serves as the heart of our operations, allowing us to capture the beauty of not only this delightful city but also the heartwarming moments of our clients' lives.


Travel and Destination 

For weddings outside our local area, our services extend to travel and destination settings. Should your dream venue be beyond our local reach, additional travel and accommodation fees will apply. Transparent discussions about these fees will occur before any commitments are made, ensuring complete clarity.


Services Offered: 
Engagement Sessions:

Engagement sessions hold a special place in our heart. These sessions offer a beautiful chance for you and your partner to feel at ease in front of the camera, fostering comfort and familiarity. It’s not just a photo session; it’s a moment to bond, create cherished memories, and pave the way for a more intimate experience on your wedding day.


Post-Production Process Image Delivery:

The delivery of your images is a sacred moment for us. We present your timeless memories through a personal, password-protected gallery, accessible approximately 6-8 weeks post your wedding. For expedited delivery, we offer a 'Fast Track' option for an additional fee of £100.

Post-Production Process Following the wedding, each photo undergoes meticulous review and editing for color correction, cropping, and retouching. The final images are securely shared via a gallery for convenient download.


Video/Film  Services: 

Partnering with esteemed filmmakers, we extend our visual storytelling beyond photographs. Our association ensures that your wedding is portrayed not just in images but through captivating, cinematic videos, adding depth and richness to your story.


Cancellation or Rescheduling Policy

In the unlikely event of unforeseen circumstances hindering our attendance, we've arranged for a seamless solution. A network of professional photographers is on standby to mirror our style and approach, guaranteeing beautiful coverage of your wedding day.

Flexibility is offered, subject to availability and may incur a rescheduling fee.


How do you handle group shots and family portraits?

I understand the importance of group shots and family portraits and make sure to allocate time for these in the schedule. Prior to the wedding, we will discuss and make a list of the group shots you want. On the day, I work efficiently and professionally to organize these shots and ensure everyone is included.


Further Details and Policy

Ordering Extra Prints or Albums Later Yes, additional prints or albums can be ordered post-wedding to share moments and create lasting keepsakes.

Digital Gallery Inclusions The digital gallery encompasses all high-resolution, edited images, secured with a password for privacy.

Professional Dress Code Our team dresses professionally in neutral colors to seamlessly blend into the background and ensure minimal distraction.


Financial and Safety Aspects

Payment Schedule To secure the date, a non-refundable deposit is required, with the remaining balance typically due one month before the wedding.

These FAQs address essential queries for those considering Kate Izak Photography services.

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