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Kate Izak Photography Engagement



So, you’re engaged? Many congratulations!

This is the start of an incredibly exciting new chapter in your life. Engagement photoshoots can be a beautifully romantic celebration of love, that allow a couple to capture the heartfelt joy of the engagement period before married life begins. 

As well as capturing a once in a lifetime chapter of your life, there’s an abundance of reasons why engagement photoshoots can be an excellent choice prior to the big day. Firstly, they enable me to get to know you as a couple even better and establish a good connection that will help you feel relaxed when it comes to the wedding day. It also gives you and your partner the ability to have a rehearsal in front of the camera – whilst some clients adore the camera, even the most natural photography can be out of the comfort zone for some. This is absolutely normal, and I do everything I can to make you feel at ease on the day – but an engagement shoot can reduce nerves even further! Just like my Wedding photography,

I always utilise soft natural light and a relaxed style to ensure the most beautiful, elegant and candid results.

As a hopeless romantic I personally adore Engagement shoots. There is nothing quite like the undeniable spark and bliss of a couple who are engaged to be married, and I would be privileged to capture this for you. 

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