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Children Photography Kate Izak Photography



Working with and photographing children is one of my greatest joys – children always have the magical ability to light up a room and I am passionate about reflecting that magic in the images I take. My unobtrusive and relaxed style is perfect for portrait photography of children, who can often find individual photography overwhelming or uncomfortable.

From the moment we meet at the shoot I am quick to build a playful relationship with them, so they feel at ease with the camera. The same goes for my adult portrait shots, we’ll build rapport together, so you feel totally ready to glow and be yourself on camera.


As with my Family sessions, I am able to shoot on location in a natural light outdoor setting, or indoors at a studio or your home. I am happy to work with you to bring to life your creative vision for the images and reflect the wonderful, unique personality of you and your children through your portraits.

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