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Wait, Why a Double Wedding?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Are you considering having a double wedding and trying to decide whether it'll be twice as nice or double the trouble? You've come to the right place. As a wedding photographer, I've had the pleasure of capturing some beautiful, authentic double weddings.

Grab yourself a cup of PG tips, and let's dive into my top tips for planning a double wedding without the headache!

Why a Double Wedding?

This is one of those questions that couples are super tired of hearing from friends and family. Double weddings only make up a tiny portion of most wedding ceremonies. Remember, if somebody has decided to do something unique or different for their wedding, they have put a lot of thought into it and fielding these types of questions can feel intrusive.

Some common reasons for double weddings:

  • the two couples are very close and wish to share a special day

  • siblings get engaged at a similar time

  • the couples would like to save money for their lives together instead of shelling out on two bands, two photographers etc

Benefits of a Double Wedding

When two weddings on one day are on the cards, many people start worrying. Fact is, wedding planning is stressful no matter what, but there are quite a few unique advantages to a double wedding:

· Money, money, money: as I mentioned before, you're saving money on only needing one venue, one photographer, and perhaps even one cake. Plus, with two couples (and potentially two sets of parents) chipping in, you can hold an even bigger celebration.

· Wedding Date: do both you and your sister have your eyes on that one weekend in July? No problem with a double wedding!

· Out of Towners: weddings aren't just expensive for those hosting. People flying in from out of town, staying in a hotel room, and buying fun, new outfits can set them back a pretty penny. If only there were a way for them to only have to do this once.

Many real-life double wedded couples want you to know that a double wedding is a great way to double the joy of the wedding day while halving the worry and planning stress.

Downsides of a Double Wedding

Since you're trying to decide whether a double wedding is a good idea for your and your special person, I need to let you know some of the potential disadvantages to this plan:

· Significant Disagreements: sometimes arguments happen between the two people looking to get married while planning a wedding. It's to be expected and sorted out, but emotions can run high when there are two couples and many different opinions. This has meant an uncrossable rift after the wedding for some double weddings.

· Spotlight Sharing: if you're feeling shy about your wedding day, sharing the spotlight may be a great idea, but if you've been looking forward to 'your' day since childhood, this may not feel good.

· Double Wedding Stigma: I mentioned it before, but you may get a lot of questions and maybe even some hurtful jokes about choosing to have a double wedding. Get ready to tell Uncle Bob to shove it!

Top Tip for Planning a Double Wedding: make sure you're willing to compromise before deciding on a double wedding. If you're likely to lose sleep over the type of centrepiece, this may not be the wedding style for you.

Double Wedding Etiquette

The internet is full of websites dedicated to wedding etiquette, but guests may be at a loss when it comes to behaving appropriately at a double wedding.

· Gifts: as a guest at a double wedding, you're only expected to give a gift to the couple you know. That does mean if you know both couples, you are expected to purchase two gifts. Remember, if you'd attended two different weddings, you would have given a gift at both.

· Invitations: the invitations should feature both wedded parties names to avoid confusion on the day.

Etiquette Idea: since double weddings are pretty rare, you may want to include a little FAQ section with your invitations or on your wedding website. That way, you can explain the expectations and put people's minds at ease ahead of time. It also avoids a million and one WhatsApp messages from Aunt Kathy!

Extra Tips for Planning a Double Wedding

· Consider the Other Couple: is your sister a difficult person at the best of times? You don't like her husband all that much? No matter how much you love her, it may be uncomfortable to do all that planning together.

· Be Clear on Expectations: if a winter wonderland wedding is super important to you, it's a good idea to share those wedding ideas ahead of time. That way, the other couple can decide whether they want to go along with the bohemian wedding on a boat.

· Plan for Extra Costs and More Time: while some vendors are likely to keep their costs the same for a double wedding (for example, a band gets paid by the hour), a photographer or make-up artist is likely to charge more and need more time to give both couples the amount of time they deserve on their special day.

· Photographer Teamwork: when you're choosing photographers for your day, it's a good idea to work with a company that can provide a team of photographers or work with complimentary photographers who are comfortable working as a team for the day. Two photographers with different styles and visions can create chaos and may mean you lose out on capturing classic moments like cake cutting and first dances.


Flower girl dress: Crystal and Pearl Boutique

Bridesmaid dresses: Kates_dresses

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Make up: Swing beauty


About: Kate Izak Photography

Don't Clare and James look enchanting and a most of all blissfully happy here?

I had the honour of photographing their double wedding on 28th August 2021. They choose a double wedding for themselves because they cancelled their original wedding date few times as pandemic cause lots of disturbance in people plans. This was third attempt at trying to get married as they had two weddings cancelled in Cyprus.

Hi! My name is Kate, and I have been a freelance photographer for over seven years. This work is my calling and my passion. My photography style is modern documentary with just a hint of traditional thrown in. I want you to look back at authentic wedding photographs with beautiful light and naturally captured emotion.

Are you looking for a photographer for your double wedding? Congratulations! Please drop me a line for a quote. Any details help me quote accurately, and I can't wait to get to know you and your special plans.



Enjoy the photos….

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