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Capturing Timeless Elegance Wedding at The Tithe Barn, Hinton St Mary Estate- Dorset wedding photographer

Updated: Feb 5

The Tithe Barn
The Tithe Barn

Dorset Wedding Photographer - Capturing Timeless Elegance Wedding at The Tithe Barn In the heart of Dorset, where the verdant countryside rolls into quaint village scenes, your wedding day's memories await capture. As a Dorset wedding photographer with a passion for the authentic and the timeless, I'm here to immortalise your day in a manner as unique as your own love story.

Dorset wedding photography
Dorset wedding photography

The Gorgeous summer Wedding Day!

The big day took place at the The Tithe Barn  Hinton St Mary Estate in Dorset and it was incredible. The location, the decor and, of course, the couple, looked absolutely amazing on what was a lovely day for everyone lucky enough to be able to be there.

The Venue: The Tithe Barn, Hinton St Mary Estate

A jewel in the Dorset countryside, The Tithe Barn at Hinton St Mary Estate is where romance meets history. Here, Natalie and James pledged their love in a setting befitting a storybook.

Morning Preparations:

The day began with the soft rustle of silk and the clinking of champagne flutes. Capturing the bride's radiant beauty and the shared excitement of her bridal party was as delightful as the morning itself.

A Ceremony Under Lush Dorset Foliage:

With a setting sun casting golden hues through the leaves, Natalie and James's vows were exchanged. The serene Dorset backdrop provided a tapestry of natural splendour for their promises of forever.

The Reception: A British Celebration:

The reception was a masterclass in British revelry — from the rousing speeches to the laughter ringing through the barn's historic beams, every moment was a testament to joy and merriment.

Portraits in the Dorset Landscape:

Stealing the couple away for a brief interlude, we captured moments of their union against Dorset's bucolic beauty. These images are laden with the easy grace only the British countryside can offer.

The Sunflower Bouquet: A Touch of Summer:

Natalie's striking sunflower bouquet brought a dash of vibrant summer to the day. It was a sunny emblem that shone brightly in their photographs, mirroring the joy of the occasion.

Evening Festivities:

As the evening drew in, the dance floor became a whirl of tweed and taffeta. These spontaneous snapshots are a jolly good keepsake, capturing the essence of a Dorset wedding.