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Winchester Registry Office Wedding -Christy & Marius- Captured by Winchester Wedding photographer

Updated: Feb 13

Intimate Winchester wedding

Christy and Marius married in South Africa in early 2022 and returned to Winchester to tie the knot for civil wedding at Winchester registry office. To help them remember the occasion we did a photoshoot of the happy couple in Winchester to celebrate their love and look forward to their future together.

Winchester is a beautiful city with plenty of photo opportunities right around the corner.

The old buildings and dramatic entryways make great backdrops for wedding photographs in and around the area. As a Winchester wedding photographer, I am deeply passionate about capturing the beauty and romanticism found within my local area of Winchester. This historic city, with its stunning architecture and idyllic landscapes, provides a perfect backdrop for the timeless moments I love to photograph. The charm of Winchester is an endless source of inspiration, allowing me to craft exquisite wedding photos that encapsulate the love and joy of your special day. Whether it's the grandeur of Winchester Cathedral or the tranquil beauty of the water meadows, my goal is to create a visual narrative that is as captivating and unique as your own love story, right here in the heart of Winchester.

Winchester Wedding photography
Winchester Wedding

Walking the streets of Winchester, it was clear how special this couple are and just how bright their future together will be. They couldn’t stop smiling and laughing and it made for some gorgeous candid moments that I was able to capture for them.

It was a pleasure to visit some picturesque Winchester hotspots around the registry office and the results of the shoot were really amazing and perfectly captured the joy of this wonderful couple.

After visiting a few locations and photographing this gorgeous pair walking hand-in-hand through the streets of Winchester, we headed to the registry office where some family members were waiting.

At the registry office, we took plenty of shots of the ceremony, vows and ring exchange and the smiles and overwhelming happiness in the room made this shoot feel really special.

As Christy and Marius ‘signed’ their documents, they couldn’t stop smiling and they both looked incredible, leaving the room to cheers and applause from their family.

In the relative quiet of the gorgeous Winchester registry office halls, we captured some quiet moments between the happy couple. Christy looked beautiful and the bright florals of her bouquet looked amazing in photographs with the traditional architecture and decor of the registry office.

The sun was shining as the couple headed back to a shower of confetti from those who attended the registry office.

For this couple, a fun day of memories will be captured forever and can serve as a reminder of both this occasion and their April wedding in South Africa.

Christy and Marius, congratulations. You make a beautiful couple and I wish you love and luck for your future together.

What Is An Editorial Wedding Photoshoot?

An editorial photoshoot, like Christy and Marius’s, is about getting the perfect shot that reflects the moment. Editorial photography is usually less candid and will often involve posing for specific moments.

It is simple but effective and the results can be absolutely stunning.

Think of weddings you see in magazines or on Pinterest. These wedding photos have often been posed to reflect the real moment, rather than taken as it happens. An editorial wedding photoshoot is a great option if you want to remember your day through a series of picture-perfect portraits of you and your partner enjoying your special day.

An editorial shoot could also be brilliant if you’ve chosen to get married without a professional wedding photographer but would still like some photographs to help remember your day.

Editorial photography is all about elegance and the details that make a day so special, telling a story through images, and capturing the essence of the occasion.

Wedding Photographer, Winchester

I believe wedding photography should tell stories, and illustrate the journey a couple is embarking on together. Editorial shoots are perfect for capturing those moments that encapsulate the day and the story of the couple as both individuals and a family.

If you’d like to discuss what kinds of photography are possible for your wedding day (or even after your wedding, as Christy and Marius did), then make sure you get in touch to add that extra flourish to your perfect wedding day.



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