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Venue Ideas: 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider An Autumn Wedding…In A CASTLE!

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Beautiful autumn wedding at atmospheric and truly romantic Wedding Venue Cooling Castle Barn located on the outskirts of London, amongst the rural... Rochester, UK.

Autumn! The season of rustic colours and homey feels. The backdrop of falling leaves and the promise of cooler months to come. What’s not to love about this season? It’s perfect for weddings wanting to capture those nostalgic vibes. And what better way to capture this than in a dream venue like a castle! The Cooling Castle Barn in Kent, UK to be exact.

This is what Matt and Shelly decided to do and they were not disappointed.

This stunning wedding was held in the romantic Heritage Barn with vintage wooden rafters and gleaming fairy lights, giving them that country feel. The whimsical centrepieces encapsulated Autumn, using elegant flowers and quaint tealights in tiny pumpkins. Rustic animal figures such as foxes and birds were laid about, celebrating the harvest season, while scattered leaves were used as place cards.

The picturesque gardens surrounding the barn allowed their friends and family to catch up and relax, while I captured some memorable moments of Matt and Shelly. And let’s not forget the Moat House Dressing Room where Shelly and her bridesmaids got ready: A room just for adults where they could be pampered and photographed in beautiful natural lighting.

The Autumn backdrop was gifted with summer weather, so Shelly and her bridesmaids were able to show off their gorgeous gowns and bouquets, which celebrated the rustic tones of Autumn. The bridal party colours popped against the dark wood of the barn and the cool tones of the castle, making for exceptional photos and magical moments.

So why should you consider a wedding in Autumn? If Matt and Shelly’s gorgeous day hasn’t won you over, here are 3 reasons why:

- The light: With the cooler months on the way, the days become shorter, and the ‘golden’ hours become longer. The air becomes that little bit crisper and clearer and the sun’s trajectory is lower, which means there’s more time with great lighting and long shadows.

- The colours: The pops of reds, yellows, and golds of Autumn paint an idyllic backdrop for beautiful, rustic, and homely photos. These vibrant colours are contrasted with textured landscapes and patterns that create remarkable and unique photos.

- The weather: With Autumn comes a change in the weather. Clouds, fog, mist and light rain are common, and this weather can be used to soften the colours in the shot or add mood or drama. Dark clouds with slicing low sun can add vibrance, while rainbows can add emotion.

While the Autumn season is ever-changing, it allows for distinctive images that capture the fantasies of any daydreamer and your photos become art pieces that fill your home with fond memories in years to come.