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Ania & Arvinder’s Beautifully Intimate Micro Wedding

Ania & Arvinder’s Beautifully Intimate Micro Wedding


Ania and Arvinder, I wish you a lifetime of joy and love as you enjoy your future together.

This beautiful wedding was a dream to photograph. Ania and Arvinder opted for an intimate gathering of only their nearest and dearest, with Ania’s family making the trip from Poland for the big day.

Because of the size, we could really capture the details of this wedding and spend time photographing this wonderful couple as they exchanged vows and committed to a long and happy future together.

Ania looked absolutely beautiful in her dress as I captured her morning getting ready along with her family. Arvinder joined his bride for some finishing touches. It was a pleasure to capture the moment Arvider saw his beautiful bride for the first time.

Next, we headed to the big event – the ceremony! This intimate ceremony was perfect for capturing the love between this special couple and the pride of their families who watched on.

Exchanging vows and rings, Ania and Arvinder looked over the moon to be able to celebrate surrounded by their family, and I was able to capture many moments that they can cherish forever.

Ania and Arvinder, I wish you a lifetime of joy and love as you enjoy your future together.

Why A Micro Wedding Works

Smaller weddings or micro weddings are becoming more and more popular, and it’s for good reason. There are lots of reasons why intimate micro ceremonies might appeal to those planning their big day.

Intimate Gatherings

There’s something really beautiful about an intimate wedding ceremony. It feels personal and all eyes are on the happy couple.

Of course, in the last couple of years, we’ve all become far more accustomed to these small gatherings and restricted numbers, but even with the restrictions now lifted, there has been a significant rise in couples choosing to have an intimate wedding and reception.

Some choose to have a micro wedding with just family or even a couple of guests. As a wedding photographer, I often accompany couples who want a small intimate ceremony and then share the magical moments that we’re able to capture together with their wider family and friends.


If you’re planning a wedding it won’t come as too much of a surprise just how expensive they can be. The wedding is about you as a couple and celebrating your love and future together. Smaller weddings can be much more affordable and allow you to focus on the things that are really important to you.

With a reduced number of guests, you might be able to spend more of your budget on things like beautiful locations, tasty meals or even flights if you’ve found a sunny location for your intimate occasion.

Spend More Time With Guests

Weddings can be busy, and many brides and grooms find that there are very few opportunities to take a breather, relax and just enjoy the day. It’s becoming more and more common for married couples to take a bit of time on the day to enjoy some time alone together, but what about time spent with family and friends?

Smaller weddings mean you can spend quality time with the guests you invite and it removes a lot of the pressure and gives you more time to enjoy your big day (even when it’s small!)

They’re Flexible!

A smaller guest list can open up a world of opportunities when it comes to planning your wedding. Venues can be more flexible and you might find a hidden gem for your ceremony that just wouldn’t be possible with a big guest list. Wedding photographers can also travel with a couple and help them to remember an intimate, exotic ceremony almost anywhere in the world.



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