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Chesil House - A Timeless Wedding in the Heart of Winchester - Leanne and Ekke

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Finding the perfect wedding venue can be challenging and is an important step in organising your big day. From barnyard, farm feels, to luxury editorial weddings, the choices are broad, and it takes time to consider which options are best suited for you.

Getting married in Winchester, UK calls for a more romantic or intimate style wedding. The history of Winchester can be felt throughout the city, with one of the finest medieval cathedrals in Europe taking centre stage: The Winchester Cathedral.

This finely designed cathedral is the resting place for Saxon royalty, bishops and the much-loved English novelist, Jane Austin.

With this kind of ambience, Winchester is the idyllic place for a timeless wedding.

And what better place to celebrate your wedding than at the Chesil House. An exquisite venue in the heart of Winchester, this unique wedding venue boasts a location with secluded gardens, stunning riverside views and beautifully designed and styled rooms. For Leanne and Ekke, this was the perfect location.

Leanne stole the show with her stunningly vintage gown. An old-fashioned shall-like sleeve, with a line of lace that secured under the chest and then trailed to the floor was perfect for an intimate English wedding. The colour of the dress was not a stark white, rather a soft cream that flattered the off-whites, soft pinks, and purples of the bouquet. A vintage and soft wave for her hair that was swept from her face gave her a timely look that cried stunningly classic.

Always by Leanne’s side, Ekke wore a vibrant blue suit with a soft pink tie that completed the look of the wedding.

The pair gave off a relaxed vibe that can be seen within the photos. Sheer joy and love lined their faces as they strolled through the gardens together, chatting happily and posing for photos.

With its brick walls and colourful landscaped borders, Chesil House created the perfect backdrop for their romantic wedding.

The reception called for one long, intimate table that was lined with small jars of Baby’s Breath flowers with a blue bow to complement Ekke’s suit. They sat in the River Room, which lead out to a stunning deck that overlooked the river.

Sticking with the intimate, romantic feel, but adding a bit of personality, was the treats table where the gorgeous cake sat along with some deliciously wrapped sweets.

The cake was white with the top of the cake covered in chocolate that dripped down the sides. It was topped with a mini sign that read ‘Mr and Mrs’. A one-level cake that added to the simplistic elegance of the day.

The night was enjoyed with their closest friends and family, making for everlasting memories.



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