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Alen Mae & Stuart’s Gorgeous Hampshire Wedding at Lainston House Hotel

Updated: Feb 13

The Perfect Traditional English Wedding at Lainston House wedding


When I was first asked to photograph the wedding of the wonderful Alen Mae and Stuart, I was really excited. This gorgeous couple, their wonderfully creative wedding and the beautiful location were truly a dream combination.

The wedding took place at the brilliant Lainston House in Hampshire. The beautiful building and incredible grounds make this one of my favourite local locations to photograph.

Lainston House Wedding Photographer
Lainston House Wedding Photographer

Alen Mae and Stuart - I wish you a lifetime of love and laughter together.

It was brilliant to get some shots of the bride and groom alone before the ceremony started. Photos of the happy couple are a given on a wedding day, but capturing a moment alone can be a really special thing. The excitement, the nerves, and the love all create a picture that really reflects the moment. Showing off all of the wonderful personality and beauty separately and then seeing how that all fits together during the ceremony and when they’re together is a really lovely perspective to have, so it was great to be able to capture that for the happy couple to look back on.

The ceremony was gorgeous and emotional and everything you would expect with such a lovely couple. They were also able to live stream the ceremony so that the family of Alen Mae could watch! – It’s a great option for a modern wedding that can help to bring people together, even if they can’t be there.

Stealing the glowing couple away I managed to take advantage of the beautiful setting by capturing some amazing shots of Alen May and Stuart. The energy between them was really special and I hope the pictures will help them to look back on this magical day for many years to come.

They joined their family and friends for a meal, speeches and of course a cake cutting to top off a really wonderful day.

Of course, we cannot forget the sparkler arch. A gorgeous moment that makes for some amazing photographs of the happy couple.

Award-Winning Wedding Photographer, Hampshire

UK Wedding Award
Lainston House Wedding Photographer

I truly believe that wedding photography should not only capture the day but should tell stories. Catching those fleeting moments that sum up the day and the couple's narrative as individuals and as a family is a really special and memorable thing.

I’m really proud of the photos I was able to capture for Alen Mae and Stuart. Not only were they perfect for the couple, but they also managed to win some awards which is the icing on the cake when capturing special moments for a wonderful couple.

Lainston House wedding photographer



Cake, Caroline Dunn |

Lainston House wedding Photographer
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